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Roster Change Portal Links
NAEUFree Agents
January 22nd
UGClogo small.png
Gold.png OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming Silver.png TLlogo std.png Team Liquid Bronze.png NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs at UGC St. Louis 2017.
Gfinlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Avada Kedavra Silver.png Logo std2.png EpZhuhLon in EU Qualifier #1.
January 21st
Gfinlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Name TBD Silver.png Logo std2.png Yuh dads best m8 in EU Seeding Cup.
ESLlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png smh Silver.png IMlogo std.png Team Immunity in ANZ Qualifier #1.
January 20th
ESLlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Incept Silver.png Logo std2.png Final Form in ANZ Seeding Cup.
January 18th
NA FTLlogo std.png FTL Diamonds On Me Dancing roster acquired. EccentriK, JR2, Posey and K3NNY join. Roster confirmed for UGC St. Louis.
January 17th
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Xrossfade leaves.
EU Logo std2.png Unnamed BUK 20, BUK 57, Morguhhh and Zhuh join.
January 16th
NA Pndalogo std.png Pnda Cloud, Gabriel, Vtec and Brainstorm are released. Cratos, Naded, Str8 Sick, and Nemassist join.
EU Logo std2.png Unnamed Doodle, Snipedrone, VexZeus and Quadios join.
January 14th
Gold.png Logo std2.png Inconceivable Silver.png Logo std2.png Velvet Gaming in Millennial eSports Placement Cup.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Eco is released. Renegade joins.
January 13th
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Daffs leaves. Xrossfade joins.
NA Logo std2.png Inconceivable bubu dubu, Shooter, Shotzzy and Falcated join.
NA TLlogo std.png TL Eco and StelluR join. Organization announcement pending.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Eco is released. Renegade joins. Organization announcement pending.
NA HCSlogo std.png HCS Unnamed team of Cratos, Naded, Str8 SicK, Nemassist and coach Showtime inherit former E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group pro seed.
NA E6logo std.png E6 Roster is released. Cratos, bubu dubu, Suspector, Shooter and coach Showtime leave.
HCSlogo small.png
Pro rosters lock for UGC St. Louis 2017.
NA LGlogo std.png LG Naded is released. Ninja, and TriPPPeY join.
NA ALGlogo std.png ALG Falcated and Str8 SicK are released. Problem Solvers roster acquired. Spartan, Commonly, Suspector and Danoxide join.
January 12th
NA EGlogo std.png EG Ninja and StelluR are released. ContrA and PreDevoNatoR join.
NA ALGlogo std.png ALG ContrA and PreDevoNatoR are released.
NA 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP Prototype announces hiatus.
January 11th
NA 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP Renegade declares free agency.
January 9th
NA Pndalogo std.png Pnda JuicyFruit and Swift Kill are released. Brainstorm and Vtec rejoin.
January 8th
NA Logo std2.png New Guys Cpt Anarchy, FireBird, Marbelize and Triton join, inheriting Logo std2.png Red Velvets seed in Esports Minor League. Marbelize rebrands as Marbs.
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL JR2 is released. Daffs joins.
January 6th
NA ERGlogo std.png ERG Dynasty roster acquired. ROB THE TURTLE, Chaser, Musa, and Botchyhawk join.
ESMLlogo small.png
Logo std2.png Red Velvets is removed from the league. Announcement on replacement pending.
HCSlogo small.png
Halo World Championship 2017 format and settings update is released.
NA Logo std2.png Real Fear Gaming SORR3LL rebrands as Sorrell.
January 5th
ESMLlogo small.png
Esports Minor League transfer period ends. Due to MWlogo std.png Most Wanted disbandment, teams below them in the standings move up accordingly and inherit win/loss records. StDxlogo std.png SetToDestroyX enters the league in the 8th position.
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP King Nick and Boamx join.
NA Logo std2.png Real Fear EliElite, Kaiss, DEMON D and Sorrell join, inheriting SCIlogo std.png Scion eSports seed in Esports Minor League.
NA SCIlogo std.png SCI Team disbands.
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Sprawl, BotchyHawk, and FireBird are released. JR2 joins.
NA Logo std2.png Red Velvets K3NNY, MrSoulSnipe, EccentriK and Scionizzle join, inheriting Flylogo std.png FlySociety seed in Esports Minor League.
NA Flylogo std.png Fly Roster is removed from Esports Minor League.
NA Pndalogo std.png Pnda Vtec and Brainstorm leave. JuicyFruit and Swift Kill join.
NA MWlogo std.png MW Swift Kill and RyaNoob leave. Roster is removed from Esports Minor League.
NA Logo std2.png Unnamed Team Prototype, RyaNoob, Baby J and DasTroyed join, inheriting 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP seed in Esports Minor League.
NA 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP Prototype leaves.
January 3rd
NA StDxlogo std.png StDx TiZoXiC joins.
NA Dynlogo std.png Dyn TiZoXiC leaves.
EU Vibelogo std.png Vibe Snipedrone is released. Batchford, Lunny and Ramirez join.
January 2nd
EU Sylogo std.png Sy CxLii‎ leaves. Fragxr, SLG and SolaR‎ join.
EU PGlogo std.png PG Fragxr leaves.
EU BSlogo std.png bS SolaR leaves.
EU Infslogo std.png infs Doodle‎ leaves. Qristola‎ and Snakey‎ join.
EU Vibelogo std.png Vibe Qristola‎ and Snakey‎ leave.
December 31st
NA SCIlogo std.png SCI Crisis leaves.
NA Flylogo std.png Fly JR2 is released. Sneaky Bran, Nebula, Crisis, and Realised. Roster confirmed for UGC St. Louis.
December 30th
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP Daffs leaves.
December 29th
NA Logo std2.png Problem Solvers Team is formed with roster of Commonly, Suspector, Spartan, and Danoxide.
NA E6logo std.png E6 Suspector leaves.
NA TLlogo std.png TL Spartan and Commonly leave.
NA LGlogo std.png LG Danoxide leaves.
December 28th
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Will is Sick and Jam I Am join.
NA SCIlogo std.png SCI Will is Sick and Jam I Am leave.
December 20th
NA StDxlogo std.png StDx Hunter Jjx retires.
NA TMMTlogo std.png TMMT Boamx leaves.
December 19th
NA Logo std2.png Real Fear Gaming Kaiss, Demon D, Eli Elite, and SORR3LL.
NA Flylogo std.png Fly JuicyFruit leaves.
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP SickStory and Daffs rejoin.
NA Flylogo std.png Fly K3NNY leaves.
NA Dynlogo std.png Dyn ROB THE TURTLE leaves.
December 18th
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP SickStory leaves.
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Cpt Anarchy, Botchyhawk, and Firebird are released for UGC St. Louis. Roster still competing in eSports Minor League.
December 17th
NA Flylogo std.png Fly JuicyFruit joins. Arkanum leaves.
NA MWlogo std.png MW DasTroyed leaves.
December 16th
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP Daffs leaves.
December 14th
NA Flylogo std.png Fly EccentriK declares free agency. Still competing in eSports Minor League.
NA ALGlogo std.png ALG ContrA is released.
December 12th
EU Sylogo std.png Sy CxLii‎ joins.
EU PGlogo std.png PG CxLii‎ leaves.
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Sprawl is released. Cpt Anarchy joins.
December 11th
ESLlogo small.png
Gold.png NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs Silver.png OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming in NA Season Finals.
HCSlogo small.png
HCS Pro League Summer/Fall 2017 details revealed. Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 and Dreamhack Denver 2017 events announced.
NA SCIlogo std.png SCI Eli Elite leaves.
EU Infslogo std.png infs Batchford declares free agency.
December 10th
HCSlogo small.png
Halo World Championship 2017 announced; season details revealed.
ESLlogo small.png
Gold.png E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group Silver.png ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance in NA Relegation.
December 8th
EU Sylogo std.png Sy PuniShR‎ joins.
EU PGlogo std.png PG PuniShR‎ leaves.
EU PGlogo std.png PG SLG declares free agency.
December 5th
NA SCIlogo std.png SCI Most Damage Dealt rebrands as Crisis.
December 4th
ESLlogo small.png
Gold.png FabElogo std.png FAB Games eSports Silver.png Infslogo std.png Team infused in EU Season Finals.
December 3rd
ESLlogo small.png
Gold.png BSlogo std.png BitterSweet Silver.png VwSlogo std.png VwS Gaming in EU Relegation. BSlogo std.png BitterSweet qualifies for next season of Pro League. PRPlogo std.png Prophecy is relegated to Open Circuit.
November 30th
343logo small.png
‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Reality TV Show in the Works
November 29th
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP Juziro's ban shortened - now ends at transfer period.
November 28th
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP Juziro is banned for the duration of ESML Fall 2016 season. Swish remains as substitute for duration of the season.
November 26th
EU BSlogo std.png bS MDR 2 roster acquired. Shaady, WarLord, Anima and SolaR join.
ESLlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png MDR 2 Silver.png Logo std2.png Egoed in Open Circuit Finals. MDR 2 and Egoed qualify for Relegation.
November 24th
ESMLlogo small.png
Rosters lock for Esports Minor League - Fall 2016 Season.
NA Flylogo std.png Fly Orgless roster acquired. Arkanum, JR2, Eccentrik and KuavoKenny join.
NA ABPlogo std.png ABP Former eXcellence Gaming roster (minus Coby Swift) becomes ABPlogo std.png Abusement Park. Juziro joins.
NA EXlogo std.png eX Exemplify, Daffs and SickStory leave.
NA MWlogo std.png MW RyaNoob joins. LifeStyle leaves.
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Botchyhawk, Fire Bird and Sprawl join.
NA Pndalogo std.png Pnda Tapping Buttons and Brainstorm join. Ryanoob and Goofy leave.
NA BSlogo std.png bS Brainstorm leaves.
November 20th
NA SoLlogo std.png SoL Kaiss and Xrossfade are released. Galaxy leaves.
HCSlogo small.png
Gold.png NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs Silver.png TLlogo std.png Team Liquid at HCS Las Vegas.