List of Free Agents

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The following is a frequently updated list of notable free agents in the Halo Championship Series.

Free Agents


ID Name Last Team
USA SwiSh Kyle Ahlberg Logo std2.png Impact Gaming
USA Psylince Jake Logo std2.png H3A Hurry
USA Very Nerdy Tomell Day Logo std2.png Legendary
USA Sargoth Casey Current Logo std2.png Legendary
USA Spinks Jinx Tre Logo std2.png Symphonic
USA YAR Logo std2.png Coffee Grinders
USA BobettaFetta Dalton Killingsworth HvKlogo std.png HavoK eSports
USA Hoaxer Emanuel Lovejoy Logo std2.png Levitate Gaming
USA Nexium Logo std2.png Virtuosity Gaming
USA Vytol Quinton Dean Logo std2.png True Ambition
USA Siao Jesse Ansbro Logo std2.png GosuCrew Black
USA Joyslays Barry Edwards Logo std2.png Winter Soldiers
USA Sykes Nico Sykes Logo std2.png G4C eSports
USA Yiws Mike CNGlogo std.png Team Carnage
USA Frostbite Logo std2.png Winter Soldiers
USA Painfulness Allen Vazquez Logo std2.png Bringn Heat
USA Josue Josue Alvarado Logo std2.png Ninjas With Attitude
USA Sprawl Jon Logo std2.png Vibe Gaming
USA InSaviour John Alvarez Logo std2.png Money Shot
USA Cornbread Logo std2.png Primal Black
USA Drewsus Drew Logo std2.png V3ngeful Gaming