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Saturday 21st January Online Seeding
League Information
Organizer: Gfinity
Event Type: Online
Game: Halo 5 logo.png
Format: 4v4
Number of Teams: 46
Date: 2017-1-20
Links: Website
Winner: Logo std2.png Name TBD
Second: Logo std2.png Yuh dads best m8
Third: Logo std2.png EpZhuhLon
Fourth: SkLtlogo std.png SkitLite.QPAD
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The Seeding Cup for the Gfinity European Halo World Championship 2017 qualifying series took place on January 21, 2017. Halo 5: Guardians was played in 4v4 competition.



  • Open tournament
  • Single-elimination bracket, best-of-5 series, best-of-7 series (Finals).
  • Results seed Online Qualifier 1.


Place Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png Name TBD VexZeusSnipedroneDoodleQuadios
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png Yuh dads best m8 RiotzHavocWarLordTaLic
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png EpZhuhLon BUK 20BUK 57ZhuhMorguhhh
4th SkLtlogo std.png SkitLite.QPAD TeyobbBlajndBeetlyQatchy
5th-8th Logo std2.png Transform ShabbyIDaggerAlaanDecBotPvthon
5th-8th Logo std2.png V3ndettaNation LooneyDogzzOutkastSquashyJoshDeadeyeFred
5th-8th Logo std2.png Perros Viejos Arcano CyrussSKamoniClonelyNeuro7ik Cyrus
5th-8th Logo std2.png Parabola BlizZAlphaSepticRubenstein


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png Transform 3
  Logo std2.png LES ZAZA
  Logo std2.png Transform
  Logo std2.png Yuh dads best m8 3
  Logo std2.png Yuh dads best m8 3
  Logo std2.png Team Inverted
  Logo std2.png Yuh dads best m8 3
  Logo std2.png EpZhuhLon
  Logo std2.png V3ndettaNation 3
  Logo std2.png Domino's Crust Boys
  Logo std2.png V3ndettaNation
  Logo std2.png EpZhuhLon 3
  Logo std2.png Antigravity e-Sports
  Logo std2.png EpZhuhLon 3
  Logo std2.png Yuh dads best m8
  Logo std2.png Name TBD 4
  Logo std2.png Radiant H5
  Logo std2.png Name TBD 3
  Logo std2.png Name TBD 3
  Logo std2.png Perros Viejos
  Logo std2.png Perros Viejos 3
  Logo std2.png XNMP
  Logo std2.png Name TBD 3
  SkLtlogo std.png SkLt
  Logo std2.png Tee Gee
  Logo std2.png Parabola 3
  Logo std2.png Parabola
  SkLtlogo std.png SkLt 3
  SkLtlogo std.png SkLt 3
  Logo std2.png NNB