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The following is a match-by-match record of team rosters from the Summer 2017 HCS Pro League.

Ladlogo std.png The Lads

ID Name Role 2Dlogo std.png 
United Kingdom Respectful  Brandon Stones  Captain GreenCheck.png
Italy Mose  Luciano Calvanico  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Lunny  Casey Lunn  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Riotz  Max Cottle  Player GreenCheck.png

Sylogo std.png Supremacy

ID Name Role Invlogo std.png 
France SLG  Norwen Le Galloudec  Captain GreenCheck.png
France Fragxr  Sonny Marchaland  Player GreenCheck.png
France PuniShR  Romain Leroy  Player GreenCheck.png
France SolaR  Simon Racher  Player GreenCheck.png

Invlogo std.png Invictus

ID Name Role Sylogo std.png 
United Kingdom Ramirez  Andrew Corrigan  Player GreenCheck.png
Republic of Ireland Qristola  Christopher O'Keeffe  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Jimbo  James Bradbrook  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Snipedrone  Michael Juchau  Player GreenCheck.png

Infslogo std.png Team infused

ID Name Role XLlogo std.png 
Germany Kimbo  Robby Faulk  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Snakey  Arkel Brown  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Batchford  Ryan Batchelor  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Quadios  Kieran Rose  Player GreenCheck.png

XLlogo std.png exceL eSports

ID Name Role Infslogo std.png 
Netherlands Morguh  Peter Brussee  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Zhuh  Morgan Bower  Player GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom WarLord  Stuart Graham  Player GreenCheck.png
France Shaady  Shady Zer  Player GreenCheck.png

2Dlogo std.png Divine Domination

ID Name Role Ladlogo std.png 
France TaLic  Shannon Jutard  Player GreenCheck.png
France NURIX  Paul Villemont  Player GreenCheck.png
France TchiK  Sébastien Darriet  Player GreenCheck.png
France Sica  Renan  Player GreenCheck.png