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Fall 2016 Relegation
League Information
Organizer: ESL
Event Type: Offline
Game: Halo 5 logo.png
Format: 4v4
Number of Teams: 4
Date: 2016-12-10
Winner: E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group
Second: ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance
Third: 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP
Fourth: TMMTlogo std.png The MoneyMatches Team
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The North American Fall 2016 Relegation is an tournament which decides two of the teams who qualify for the next season of HCS competition, taking place at ESL Studios in Burbank, California on December 10, 2016. Halo 5: Guardians is played in 4v4 competition.


Four teams are invited to the event. These include the bottom two teams from the Fall 2016 Regular Season, who compete to defend their spots in the Pro League against the final two teams invited - the top two teams from the Open Circuit Finals.


  • Bottom 2 teams from Fall 2016 Regular Season invited
  • Top 2 teams from Open Circuit Finals invited
  • Higher seeded Pro League team chooses which Open Circuit team they wish to face in WBR1
  • Double-elimination bracket, best-of-7 series
  • Map veto system in place

Game Types and Maps

  • Capture the Flag - Coliseum, Fathom, Truth, Stasis
  • Strongholds - Eden, Empire, Plaza, The Rig
  • Slayer - Coliseum, Eden, Plaza, Regret, The Rig, Truth


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

See here for detailed roster information.
USA Prototype
USA Rammyy
USA Renegade


Place Q Seed Team Roster
Gold.png 1st GreenCheck.png 1 E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group Cratosbubu dubuSuspectorShooterShowtime
Silver.png 2nd GreenCheck.png 2 ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance ContrAPreDevoNatoRFalcatedStr8 SicKCoach Phil
3rd RedX.png 3 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP PrototypeMoNsTcRRammyyRenegadePROVERB
4th RedX.png 4 TMMTlogo std.png The MoneyMatches Team TriPPPeYBoamXSaiyanTireIronCloud


  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  E6logo std.png E6 4
  3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP 3
  E6logo std.png E6 4
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 2
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 4
  TMMTlogo std.png TMMT 1
  E6logo std.png E6 Q
  ALGlogo std.png ALG Q
Loser's bracket
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 4
  3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP 4
  3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP 2
  TMMTlogo std.png TMMT 2






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