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This article covers notable North American roster changes between UMG Daytona 2017 and DreamHack Atlanta 2017. The two Pro League transfer periods take place between June 2 - June 11 and June 16 - June 18.


Dreamhack Atlanta Top 16

# Team Roster
2 Spylogo std.png Splyce ShotzzyRenegadeShooterbubu dubuCoach PhiL
1 OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming Royal2SnakebiteLethulFrostyClutch
4 NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs HukeSnipedownMikweniGotUrPistolaElumnite
3 TLlogo std.png Team Liquid StelluRPenguinEcoAcESymbolic
10 ERalogo std.png eRa Eternity CommonlyCratosBabyJSabinaterShowtime
5 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses Tapping ButtonsRoyLunchboxFalcatedOGRE2
6 LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming SaiyanTriPPPeYAPGNinjaFearItSelf
7 Ronlogo std.png Ronin SuspectorSpartaneL TowNStr8 SickSiege
- Oxylogo std.png Oxygen Supremacy ContrARyaNoobNemassistDasTroyedMash
- TGClogo std.png GosuCrew MusaChaserVtecTriton
- Infslogo std.png Team infused RespectfulQuadiosKimboSnakey
- Invlogo std.png Invictus SnipedroneJimboQristolaRamirez
- Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin DanoxideRayneHeinzKaotic
- Wiselogo std.png Wise Gaming CloudDEMON DTiZoXiCNebula
- Sylogo std.png Supremacy SLGSolarPuniShRFragxr
- Vexlogo std.png Vexed Gaming MoseMorguhhhRiotzLunny

Current Notables

Last Updated October 19th, 2017. The above list is a subjective ranking. For official standings, see below:
Pro League Standings
Open Circuit Standings
# Team Roster
1 OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming Royal2FrostySnakeBiteLethuLClutch
2 NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs HukeSnip3downMikwenPistolaElumnite
3 Spylogo std.png Splyce ShotzzyRenegadeShooterbubu dubuCoach PhiL
4 LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming SaiyanTriPPPeYRayneAPGHoaxer
5 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses Tapping ButtonsRoyLunchboxFalcatedOGRE2
6 TLlogo std.png Team Liquid SpartanEcoSubZeroStelluRSymbolic
7 Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin DanoxideCommonlyBabyJAcEAssault
8 ERalogo std.png eRa Eternity Str8 SickMusaCratosNeptuneShowTime
9 Logo std2.png TMMT CryptiK ContrARyaNoobPrototypeDasTroyedSwift Kill
10 Ronlogo std.png Ronin SuspectorNemassisteL TowNSabinaterSiege
11 X6logo std.png CheckSix Gaming NadedArticClaimDemon D
12 Logo std2.png Apotheon Esports Jam i amEccentriKDRUK 84JR2Killing In Pink
13 Logo std2.png Incendiary BrainstormNebulaVtecTriton
14 Logo std2.png FYND Gaming GilkeySneaky BranFerro2ClutchEli EliteSensR
15 DoZelogo std.png DoZe Esports Calm MentalityROB THE TURTLEHunter JjxKLTNnConerd
16 AUlogo std.png Atria United MuNoZHysteriaRandaTireIronBella

Free Agents

Full List


Note: Only changes involving pro teams are documented below.

Player Date Left From Date Joined To
Rayne 2017-06-11 TLlogo std.png 2017-06-11 Str8logo std.png
AcE 2017-06-11 Str8logo std.png 2017-06-11 TLlogo std.png
eL ToWn 2017-06-07 Free Agentlogo std.png 2017-06-07 Ronlogo std.png
Cratos 2017-06-07 Ronlogo std.png Free Agentlogo std.png Free Agent
2016-05-21 Evil Geniuses coach Towey retires. OGRE2 joins as coach.
Tapping Buttons 2017-05-21 SoaRlogo std.png 2017-05-21 EGlogo std.png
Naded 2017-05-21 EGlogo std.png 2017-05-21 Retired.png Retired