List of Free Agents

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The following is a frequently updated list of general free agents looking to compete in the Halo Championship Series.

Free Agents

Notable Free Agents


ID Name Last Team
USA Leche Dylan McDonald Logo std2.png Looking For Org
USA Spinks Jinx Tre Logo std2.png Symphonic
USA YAR Logo std2.png Coffee Grinders
USA Hypotonic Rehan Damani Logo std2.png Empowered
USA Shadows Hyper Michael Engle Logo std2.png Reactive eSports
USA Ravage Anthony Logo std2.png Fortuity eSports

General Free Agents


ID Name Last Team
USA Midshot Austen Ball Logo std2.png Last Minute Results
USA JGravity Logo std2.png The Noisy Assassins
USA Milkshake Miguel Chacon
USA Wiley Coyote Wiley Gilboy
USA Hypothesis Daniel Evans