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RNG Ninja 2016.jpg
Background Information
Name Tyler Blevins
Country of Birth USA United States
Home State Illinois
Birthday June 5, 1991
Team Luminosity Gaming
Xbox One ID
Alternate IDs NinjaZekkou
Esportsearnings Profile
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YouTube ninjashyper/
Livestream Twitch
Facebook NinjaHalo
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Team History
2009-2010 Logo std2.png Various Teams
2011-2011 Logo std2.png Invictus
2011-2011 FBlogo std.png Final Boss
2011-2011 TPlogo std.png Turning Point
2012-2012 Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
2012-2012 GMMlogo std.png Gimme My Money
2012-2012 Logo std2.png Elite 4
Warlogo std.png Warriors
2013-2013 Logo std2.png G4C Misfits
2013-2013 Logo std2.png Requiem
Nov 2014 - Nov 2014 TAlogo std.png The Agency
Nov 2014 - Mar 2015 C9logo std.png Cloud9
Mar 2015 - Apr 2015 NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black
May 2015 - Jan 2016
Jul 2016 - Aug 2016
TLlogo std.png Team Liquid
Jan 2016 - July 2016 RNGlogo std.png Renegades
Aug 2016 - Present EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
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Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is an American player for Luminosity Gaming. He is well known for his popular Twitch stream as well as his time on teams such as Team Liquid, Warriors, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses.

Outside of Halo, Ninja is also a professional H1Z1: King of the Kill player, signed to Luminosity Gaming.


Tyler Blevins was born on June 5, 1991. He is from Lake Villa, Illinois.

Halo 3

Ninja began his professional career by attending MLG Orlando 2009 as a member of Four of a Kind, alongside Aye Rab, Mac and Nate. He would then go on to place 26th in Anaheim with teammates Goatsii, Mota and BLUEFiiR3. He placed top 64 in Columbus before heading to MLG Dallas 2010 as a member of Zekkou White where he finished 13th with Ali, Trip and Venom. He would also attend Columbus that year, this time placing 25th with Second Nature consisting of himself Goatsii, Rowan and Masssta.

Halo: Reach

His career began to thrive during Reach, with no placements outside of the top 16. First he attended MLG Dallas 2011 as a member of Invictus, finishing in 12th alongside Calm, Swift Kill and Watch. From there he would join Final Boss for Columbus, where he would finish in 5th with Totz, Fearitself and Victory X. He would find a home on Turning Point for the next few events, along with Mikwen and Walshy. They attended Anaheim with Best Man rounding out the roster and secured a 7th place finish. Best Man was then swapped for Adrenaline before Raleigh and the team finished in 9th. Adrenaline would be switched with Naded for Orlando and Providence where they would finish in 9th and 12th respectively. He and Mikwen then departed for Str8 Rippin to team with Strongside and Tsquared for Columbus where the group finished 13th-16th.

Halo 4

Ninja won his first professional tournament at the end of 2012, taking 1st at The Halo 4 Exhibition as a member of Warriors, with Goofy, Legit and Ryanoob. In 2013 the team would attend AGL Chicago and AGL 5 Nashville with the same roster finishing 2nd both times. He then proceeded to win AGL6 Pittsburgh as a member of the G4C Misfits, alongside Snip3down, Proverb and A Pure Gangster. He would rejoin Warriors for UMG Chicago, this time with A Pure Gangster replacing Ryanoob, netting him a 3rd place finish which was his worst finish in all of Halo 4. He would win his last event, AGL8 Knoxville alongside Legit, Ace and Derksy as a member of Team Requiem.

Halo 2: Anniversary

Ninja competed at the ESL MCC Launch Invitational as a member of The Agency where he finished 5th/6th with Hysteria, FearitSelf and Victory X. The Agency was picked up by Cloud9 at the start of the HCS Season. Since then they competed in the pre-season online cup, finishing 2nd and top 16 in the first online cup of the season. The team placed 4th at Iron Games Columbus 2014, 5th at UGC St. Louis 2015 and 4th again at Gamers For Giving 2015. They went into the season finals at PAX East 2015 as the #5 seed and again placed 4th.

Ninja was officially released from Cloud9 on March 18.[1] It was announced on March 28 that he had joined Noble Black alongside Arkanum, Aries and Prototype.[2] At Iron Games Atlanta 2015, Noble Black finished in 7th, losing to Velocity and Winterfox and beating Velocity in the consolation round. Noble announced the departure of Ninja two days later.[3] Ninja then formed a new team with Aries, Spartan and Shooter, first competing as The Other Guys before being picked up by Team Liquid.[4] Ninja and Team Liquid finished 7th at their first event together, HCS Indianapolis. They followed up with a top 8 finish at the HCS Season 2 Finals.

Halo 5: Guardians

During the offseason, Team Liquid made changes to its roster, replacing Aries, Shooter and Spartan with Ace, UnLegit and Chig. Chig left after the first qualifier cup and was replaced by Hysteria. After the third cup, Ninja was released from Team Liquid. He eventually found himself on a Renegades roster alongside Spartan, Victory X and StelluR, after many team changes in a short time period. Renegades' first event was the X Games Aspen 2016 invitational, where they finished 4th. Following the X Games, Renegades successfully qualified for NA Regionals and finished top 8, good enough to qualify for Halo World Championship 2016. At Worlds, Renegades finished top 8, taking home $25,000.

Following Worlds, Renegades made roster changes, with StelluR and Spartan being replaced by Commonly and Penguin. This roster qualified for the Summer Pro League with a 2nd place finish in their group at the Summer Qualifier. At the conclusion of the season, Renegades sat at 4th place in the standings, good enough to qualify for the Season Finals. On July 25th, Ninja and the rest of the Renegades roster departed to join Cloud9, marking Tyler's second stint with the organization. At the Season Finals, C9 finished 4th, taking home $15,000. Ninja and Victory were dropped from Cloud9 shortly after the Finals, and eventually joined Evil Geniuses alongside Roy and Lunchbox. EG started the Fall Season off strong, defeating the dominant OpTic Gaming squad in Week 1, but ran into resistance in Week 3, losing two straight 0-3 series. This resulted in Victory X being dropped from the team and replaced by StelluR. EG attended UGC St. Louis 2016 with StelluR on board, placing 3rd. Returning to the Pro League season, the new roster lost six straight matches, only managing to win their last two on Week 7, finishing with a 5-9 record just good enough to take 6th place and avoid Relegation.

During the offseason, Ninja left Evil Geniuses, eventually joining Luminosity Gaming alongside Victory X, eL TowN and TriPPPeY. At the new roster's first event together - UGC St. Louis 2017 - they placed in the top 8. After UGC, Luminosity replaced TriPPPeY with Saiyan. At ME Las Vegas 2017, Luminosity managed to qualify for Halo World Championship 2017 after a 4-1 victory over Splyce. They ultimately finished in the top 6 after a loss to Team EnVyUs. At Worlds, Luminosity were placed in a pool with London Conspiracy and Team Liquid. They finished below Liquid following a 3-0 loss and emerged in the Winners Bracket with a match against Splyce. Luminosity took the heated contest 4-3 and moved into the jaws of OpTic Gaming, who swept them out of the bracket. In Losers, Luminosity were swept by the eventual second place finishers in Team EnVyUs and went home with a top 6 finish.


  • One of the most popular Halo streamers
  • Has made an appearance on the popular game show "Family Feud"
  • Is the subject of an episode of Walshy's Halo History

Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates (Coach)
Halo 5 logo.png Halo World Championship 2017 A55 - 6th LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming eL ToWnVictory XSaiyanFearItSelf
Halo 5 logo.png ME Las Vegas 2017 A55 - 6th LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming eL ToWnVictory XSaiyanFearItSelf
Halo 5 logo.png UGC St. Louis 2017 A77 - 8th LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming eL ToWnVictory XTriPPPeYFearItSelf
Halo 5 logo.png HCS Pro League - Fall 2016 Season A66th EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses LunchboxRoyStelluR
Halo 5 logo.png UGC St. Louis 2016 A33rd EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses LunchboxRoyStelluRTowey
Halo 5 logo.png HCS Pro League - Summer 2016 Finals A44th C9logo std.png Cloud9 Victory XCommonlyPenguinSymbolic
Halo 5 logo.png HCS Pro League - Summer 2016 Season A44th RNGlogo std.png Renegades Victory XCommonlyPenguin
Halo 5 logo.png HCS Pro League Summer Qualifier 2016 - Group A A22nd RNGlogo std.png Renegades Victory XCommonlyPenguinSymbolic
Halo 5 logo.png Halo World Championship 2016 A55 - 8th RNGlogo std.png Renegades SpartanVictory XStelluRSymbolic
Halo 5 logo.png HWC NA Regional Finals 2016 A55 - 8th RNGlogo std.png Renegades SpartanVictory XStelluRSymbolic
Halo 5 logo.png X Games Aspen 2016 A44th RNGlogo std.png Renegades SpartanVictory XStelluRSymbolic
Halo 2a logo.png HCS Season 2 Finals A77 - 8th TLlogo std.png Team Liquid AriesShooterSpartanElamite
Halo 2a logo.png HCS Indianapolis A77th TLlogo std.png Team Liquid AriesShooterSpartanElamite
Halo 2a logo.png Iron Games Atlanta 2015 A77th NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black ArkanumAriesPrototype
Halo 2a logo.png HCS Season 1 Finals A44th C9logo std.png Cloud9 FearItSelfVictory XHysteriaSymbolic
Halo 2a logo.png Gamers For Giving 2015 A44th C9logo std.png Cloud9 FearItSelfVictory XHysteriaSymbolic
Halo 2a logo.png UGC St. Louis 2015 A55th C9logo std.png Cloud9 FearItSelfVictory XHysteriaSymbolic
Halo 2a logo.png Iron Games Columbus 2014 A44th C9logo std.png Cloud9 FearItSelfVictory XHysteriaSymbolic
Halo 2a logo.png ESL MCC Launch Invitational A66th TAlogo std.png The Agency FearItSelfVictory XHysteriaTowey
Halo 4 logo.png AGL 8 Knoxville A11st Logo std2.png Requiem AceDerskyLegitSixten
Halo 4 logo.png UMG Chicago 2013 A33rd Warlogo std.png Warriors APGGoofyLegitSixten
Halo 4 logo.png EGL 9 A11st Vibelogo std.png Team Vibe SepticZyruzHybrid
Halo 4 logo.png AGL 7 Knoxville A44th Warlogo std.png Warriors APGGoofyLegit
Halo 4 logo.png AGL 6 Pittsburgh A11st Logo std2.png G4C Misfits APGPROVERBSnipedown
Halo 4 logo.png AGL 5 Nashville A22nd Warlogo std.png Warriors GoofyLegitRyanoob
Halo 4 logo.png AGL 3 Chicago A22nd Warlogo std.png Warriors GoofyLegitRyanoob
Halo 4 logo.png MLG Fall Championship 2012 A11st Warlogo std.png Warriors GoofyLegitRyanoob
Halo reach logo.png AGL 2 Columbus A22nd Logo std2.png Elite 4 BlazeRyanoobSnipedown
Halo reach logo.png AGL 1 Chicago Z? GMMlogo std.png Gimme My Money MikwenSargothElitest
Halo reach logo.png MLG Winter Championship 2012 B313 - 16th Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin MikwenStrongSideTsquared
Halo reach logo.png MLG Providence Championships 2011 B212th TPlogo std.png Turning Point MikwenNadedWalshy
Halo reach logo.png MLG Orlando 2011 A99th TPlogo std.png Turning Point MikwenNadedWalshyTiberiusAudley
Halo reach logo.png MLG Raleigh 2011 A99th TPlogo std.png Turning Point AdrenalineMikwenWalshy
Halo reach logo.png MLG Anaheim 2011 A77th TPlogo std.png Turning Point MikwenBest ManWalshy
Halo reach logo.png MLG Columbus 2011 A55th FBlogo std.png Final Boss FearItSelfTotzVictory X
Halo reach logo.png MLG Dallas 2011 B212th Logo std2.png Invictus CalmSwift KillWatch
Halo reach logo.png MLG Dallas Reach Exhibition 2010 B313th Logo std2.png Zekkou White AliTripVenom
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Columbus 2010 C525th 2NDNlogo std.png Second Nature GoatsiiMassstaRowan
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Orlando Championships 2009 C929th Logo std2.png Four of a Kind Aye RabMacNate
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Anaheim 2009 C626th 2NDNlogo std.png Second Nature BLUEFiiiR3GoatsiiMota

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