PGL Challenger Series $10,000 Playoffs

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Challenger Series $10,000 Playoffs
League Information
Organizer: Pro Gaming League
Event Type: Online
Game: Halo 2a logo.png
Format: 4v4 (SE Bracket)
Prize pool: $10,000
Start Date: 2015-4-10
End Date: 2015-4-11
Links: Website
Winner: EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
Second: DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports
Third: NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black
Fourth: EXlogo std.png eXcellence Gaming
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The Challenger Series $10,000 Playoffs is an online tournament hosted by Pro Gaming League. Halo 2: Anniversary is played in 4v4 competition alongside League of Legends and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.



  • Single Elimination


Place Prize (USD) Seed Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $6,000 6 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses Snip3downLethulLunchboxRoy
Silver.png 2nd $4,000 4 DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports ChigHeinzAPGMikwen
Bronze.png 3rd - 7 NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black ArkanumNinjaAriesPrototype
4th - 17 EXlogo std.png eXcellence Gaming Cobys2FastWolfmayyneSwiftKillUnLegit
5-8th - 24 NMElogo std.png Enemy eSports aRaeSsHavenFreezie AlmightyHaggie
5-8th - 12 Rclogo std.png Reality Check Suddoth1Suddoth2BurtonSeptic
5-8th - 18 VeLlogo std.png Velocity eSports NemassistCratosSuspectorLifeStyle
5-8th - 19 OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming FlameswordAceAssaultManiac


  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png We Out Here 0
  Logo std2.png Sin eSports 3
  Logo std2.png Sin Esports 1
  EX Blogo std.png eX B 3
  Logo std2.png $$$$$$$$$$
  EX Blogo std.png eX B
  EX Blogo std.png eX B
  NMElogo std.png NME
  Anx Blogo std.png Anx B
  Logo std2.png Rastafari
  Anx Blogo std.png Anx B
  NMElogo std.png NME
  Logo std2.png Sunset Ballers
  NMElogo std.png NME
  EX Blogo std.png eX B 0
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 3
  DNLlogo std.png DNL
  Logo std2.png Sweq Sweq
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 3
  C9logo std.png C9 1
  C9logo std.png C9 3
  Logo std2.png Guerrilla Gaming FLS 0
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 0
  Rclogo std.png Rc 3
  Logo std2.png We Dem Boyz 3
  Logo std2.png Neighborhood 0
  Logo std2.png We Dem Boys
  Rclogo std.png Rc
  Rclogo std.png Rc 3
  Logo std2.png The Pure Bloods 0
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 2
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  Logo std2.png Savages
  Logo std2.png Blue Goonies Rem.
  Logo std2.png Savages 1
  VeLlogo std.png veL 3
  Logo std2.png One Night Stand 0
3rd place match
  VeLlogo std.png veL 3
  VeLlogo std.png veL 2   EX Blogo std.png eX B 0
  NBL Blogo std.png NBL B 3
  NBL Blogo std.png NBL B 3
  NBL Blogo std.png NBL B 3
  2NDNlogo std.png 2NDN 1
  NBL Blogo std.png NBL B 3
  ELvlogo std.png eLv 1
  E6Glogo std.png E6G
  ELvlogo std.png eLv
  NBL Blogo std.png NBL B 1
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  Logo std2.png Eternity Gaming 2
  Logo std2.png LBR1 3
  Logo std2.png LBR1 0
  OGlogo std.png OG 3
  Logo std2.png Nightmare 0
  OGlogo std.png OG 3
  OGlogo std.png OG 1
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  Onslaughtlogo std.png Onslaught 0
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  TRlogo std.png TR 2
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 1
  TRlogo std.png TR 3

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